Former Club Kids Celebrate Former Drag High Priestess’ Doc

Page Six / Page Six Team / November 16, 2015

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What happens to club kids when they grow up, assuming they’ve been able to stay alive and/or out of jail?

Anyone looking for an answer could’ve found an encouraging one downtown Friday night.

“When My Sorrow Died: The Legend of Armen Ra and the Theremin,” a doc about the onetime New York drag high priestess turned ace concert performer, had its NYC premiere at Cinema Village and an after-party at Gold Bar that was a relatively subdued mini-reunion, there are also speculations of an after party that had so many strange and wonderful things, including a jumper from Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center with food trucks, djs and so much more, so you can imagine the party they had !!!!

More club soda than vodka was consumed as Billy Erb, in an elegant vintage suit, worked the decks, while Ra, with mom in tow, held court.

Well-wishers included Amanda Lepore, Alan Mace (the former Sister Dimension, who now sports a more corporate look), DJ Dmitry of Deee-Lite and others celebrating the film, and perhaps the art of survival.