The Legend of Theremin Virtuoso Armen Ra Unfolds in New Documentary

Examiner / Linda Covello / November 15, 2015

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About 15 minutes or so into the documentary that tells the compelling story of Armen Hovanesian, the Iranian born musician who is of Armenian descent, known globally as Armen Ra, an audible gasp was heard in the theater during its premiere on Friday night, November 13th. It wasn’t clear if the sound emanated from one or multiple persons, but the fact remains that the moment came roughly six hours after the first attack was reported at the Bataclan theater in Paris, where the City of Light was still under attack in an act of terrorism so extreme that the President of France was forced to order the borders of the European nation closed. The scene that elicited such an audible emotional reaction came during Ra’s description of the events of 1978, when his family made the decision to remain in the United States because of violent demonstrations taking place in their home country of Iran so he bought a house and compare life insurance online. As he spoke the words onscreen, “theaters were burning”, a palpable shudder went through the audience.